Love of her Life | Burlington Newborn Photographer

The first words that this gorgeous new Mother said to me when she walked into the studio “She’s the love of my life!!”

Truer words could not be spoken.  The moment you lay eyes on your baby for the very first time, that’s the moment when you experience true love.  While we do have plenty of love in our hearts for our husbands, partners, parents, etc there is simply no other love like the one you have for your baby.

Her words put a massive smile on my face and a soft spot in my heart!  This Mom and I were like minded people.

This session had such a natural flow to it, it was guided by love no doubt, and left me feeling so very happy for this family.

I hope you love your peek Mom and Dad!!



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Together in Paris | Travel & Lifestyle Photographer

Ohhhh Paris, how I miss your beauty!

It’s referred to as the city of love, but in all honesty, I didn’t find it to be overly romantic as many suggest it is.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s an absolutely stunning city, but not a place that makes me feel all lovey dovey.

One thing that I absolutely loved about this city were the sight lines.  It is so evident, no matter which direction you look towards, standing from anywhere in the city, that this place was very well thought out.  The buildings and bushes so perfectly placed, creating the most beautiful leading lines.  It really made me want to discover every little crack and crevase of the city.

We walked this city day and night and fully emerged ourselves in our environment.  The different neighbourhoods lend plenty of different vibes, and we totally loved getting lost on the small windy roads, and relaxing at outdoor venues along the way.

It certainly was a trip to remember, and one that I’m so happy I had the pleasure of enjoying with my sister, my soulmate, my dearest friend on this planet.



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Mini Newborn Sessions | Ontario Newborn Photographer

Newborn photography sessions with Heather Clemente of From the Heart Imagery

For a limited time we are offering mini newborn sessions. These sessions are intended for newborns only and are meant to capture the newness of your newborn baby. We love documenting the tiny details and plan on doing just that with these mini session.

* Sessions must be booked no later then April 30th, 2018 *


inquiries: | 905.802.6420



Kids Rule | Burlington Family Photographer

Yup, that’s right, kids rule!  Meaning that they are totally awesome and so much fun to be around!  Also meaning, they make all the rules and us parents simply follow suit.  HA, ain’t that the truth!!!  It was for me at least when my children were younger.

While most of us don’t really want to admit it, our younger children absolutely rule our lives.  They’re cranky, suddenly, so are we.  They’re happy, oh look at that, a big bright smile on our faces.  It’s human nature, our moods change depending on the moods of those around us, and these little ones, their moods can change on the flip of a dime, literally!!

The important thing is that we adjust, we learn to cope with these toddler mood swings, and we pray, yes we pray, that these mood swings will soon be a thing of the past.

I work mainly with children and see many different personalities within them, and I like to think I’m pretty good at jiving with most of them, but sometimes I simply can’t calm a child.  Unfortunately, that was the case with this adorable young man.  I could not make him happy, none of us could, but in the short amount of time that we did have together, I think we captured some really great images.

And so, even though we had to cut the session short, I’d say our mission was accomplished, and this little guy, he totally rules, in the most awesome of ways of course!!!!



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Baby Love | Oakville Newborn Photographer

I love babies, that’s no surprise right!  I love the way they smell, I love their tiny little features, I love the sweet sounds that they make, and I love, love, love snuggling them!!

Some sessions don’t allow for much snuggling, especially when babies sleep right through it, however, when they have an awake period and simply aren’t content to model, that’s our snuggle time.  It’s also a time where I get to know the baby a little more and a time to recognize their cue’s, like hunger, tiredness, or sometime’s just irritated.  Yeah, that’s right, baby’s get irritated too.

This little lady, she gave me everything I could ever wish for in a session.  A very sleepy period as well as an extremely awake period.  When she was awake she literally followed me around the studio with her big beautiful eyes, and when she had enough of laying calmly awake, she let me know and we quickly went into snuggle mode.

The session had such a natural flow to it, and allowed for some seriously adorable images!!  I will remember this morning with fond memories of these two precious girls and their lovely Mom and Grandmother!

I hope you love your peek Mom!



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