Mona Lisa Smile | Etobicoke Baby Photographer

When I started sharing this darling little girls images on social media, someone had commented saying she had a darling Mona Lisa smile, and well, I’d have to agree. It’s not a full blow smile, but rather a mischievous grin that appears in her eyes as well as the corners of her mouth and lights up her entire face. She’s a beauty alright!

We first met at her newborn session back in December when I was welcomed into her lovely home to capture a lifestyle newborn session. The first thing I noticed when she came into the studio a few short months later was that her face had not changed much at all. Yes of course her features got bigger and more prominent but her face was exactly as I had remembered it. This actually doesn’t happen all that often. Does that surprise you to hear? Most babies change so much in the first few months that I only see slight resemblance to their early, early days. They still look like the same child, most definitely, but the changes are usually pretty big.

Anyways, I rambling on, aren’t I? Let’s just get to the fun part and have a look at that beautiful little face already.



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Beach at Sunset | Oakville Family Photographer

The Beach at sunset…..need I say more!?!? Seriously though, September sunsets are something else!! The sky fills with these beautiful pink, orange and yellow hues, it’s every photographers dream really.

This particular beach, and most in the GTA, experience the bounce effect of the sunset, meaning that the sun sets on the opposite side, never over the water, and the beautiful tones appear by way of reflection in the sky. What this means is basically it’s a double whammy kinda location! When turned towards the tree line we see the gorgeous golden setting sun, and when standing along the waters edge we see the beautiful reflection. Pretty cool right!

I was super excited to shoot at this versatile location, and not only that, but I hadn’t seen this family in 3 years, so I was thrilled to be working with them again.

The moment I stepped out of my car and they spotted me was the moment the fun began. All I could think to myself was boy oh boy, these beautiful girls sure have grown so much since I’ve seen them last. Besides that though, it seemed as though no time had passed what so ever since I’d seen them last. It was like we literally picked up where we left of from last time, with a whole bunch of silly thrown into the mix. It’s amazing when you can just feel so at ease around people that you haven’t seen in such a long time. This family has a way I tell ya, a magical way of bringing out the best in people. I left this session will a full, happy heart! To not only see the connection that these sisters share, but to also feel it, was so amazing! An intense bond, that I’m certain, will never be broken!

It was an absolute pleasure to work with you guys again! I can only hope that there are many more sessions together in our future so I can continue to document the forever growing bond of your sweet, adorable, playful little girls!



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Opportunities | Mississauga Newborn Photographer

With every new client comes a new opportunity!  Each one of them different and not always visible on the surface.  What the heck am I talking about you may be thinking, let me explain, and use this particular client as my example….if I may;

My initial contact with this family was from the dotting Dad of this beautiful baby girl.  He inquired about a session for his new baby girl and asked if he may bring along his video camera to capture the event (yes, newborn photography is absolutely, 100% an event!) I had no qualms about this what so ever, and my response was just that, ‘yeah, sure bring along your video camera, I’d love to see what you come up with.’

Well, well, well, what he produced in video format, along side me capturing the still images, felt like a match made in heaven.  Okay, so maybe it wasn’t an instant thought for me, however, as soon as I saw the video he put together my heart started melting and my entrepreneur brain started turning.  What a great addition this could be to my services, I thought.  Having a video of your child being photographed and those magical moments shared between parents as they snuggle and pose with their precious baby.  Who wouldn’t want that!!!!

And so, the opportunity presented itself, in a very clear manner this time around.

Thomas and I have combined our services and are super excited to offer fully edited video to any newborn session.  What changes does this mean for you?  Not much really, there will simply be an additional person in the studio while we document your new baby.  Oh, and an additional fee of course, because creating art is incredibly time consuming and we all need to provide for our families and put that delicious dinner on the table every night!

Interested in learning more about this service?  Want to see what a newborn session video might look like?  Send me a message via the contact link at the top of the page.

Not interested in the video add on and simply want to see adorable newborn images, you’re at the right place, just scroll on down 🙂



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Yearly | Oakville Family Photographer

I have had the pleasure of seeing these adorable kiddo’s yearly, since their births.  The changes that I see in them year after year always blows my mind.  I seriously have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that children grow at a such super fast rate in their first 10-15 years of life.  I’ve seen it first hand, my son is now 14, and the growth is certainly huge by this age, but there’s just something about not seeing someone for a year and then poof, they they are, at least 2 inches taller.

I remember hearing it all the time growing up when we hadn’t seen my parents friends for a while, the comment was always the same ‘oh my, you’ve grown so much’ and I literally rolled my eyes every time I heard it, thinking come on, I haven’t changed that much since I saw you last, but now, being an adult, and a parent, I totally get why I heard those comments so much as a child.  The changes that take place over a few months in a child are HUGE!

This year I decided to look back on their previous sessions and wow, what a great series of  images we’ve captured of these sweethearts over the years.  I love knowing that their parents will forever have these beautiful memories of their children as they grew like weeds, documented forever.

Until next year darling children…



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Delayed | Hamilton Baby Photographer

This handsome little fella was suppose to be in the studio back in March for his complimentary 6-9 month session, but the world had other plans for us.  It was one week before his session and we were mandated by the government to close our businesses.  At the time I was devastated, thinking what do you mean close my business?  How will I make any money to support my family and put food on the table.  It was a scary time, no doubt, but one that I never felt alone in.

My clients were so incredibly patient and understanding and simply waited for me to reach out to them when I felt comfortable to open my doors again.  It was a long wait, especially when we’re considering the baby phase.  Three whole months until I was able to welcome this babe into the studio.  He was well past the 6-9 month time frame by then, and I ended up photographing him a few days before his first birthday.

Regardless of the date, time, his age, etc I was simply thrilled that I was able to document his growth.  Being the third of three boys, and having photographed each of them at both newborn and 6-9 months, there’s no way I was going to let his milestone pass up without images.

In the end, what I learned for this entire experience is that the universe will always throw us curve balls, some more extreme then others, but being on the other side of it now, I know there is always a light and positive people waiting on the other end!



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