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At times I struggle to find the words, the words that describe emotions I’m going through, the words that describe how I feel about a situation, even the words to explain what this heart of mine feels.  I can tell you that I most certainly do feel very deeply, about many things and situations, and almost every interaction affects me in ways that I wonder if they do for others as well.

My emotions were on high the day this family came into the studio!  I had spoken with the Mom a few days prior to the session and learned that the last time I had seen them was 5 years ago, our initial meeting, and one that included their first born.  At that time they were moving across country and in the time that passed, I hadn’t heard from them in all those years.  When Mom called she talked about how life had changed significantly throughout the years, they had moved around the country quite a bit, had a second child, and most recently moved back to Ontario and welcomed their third baby.  I was super excited for them, wanted to hear all about their life over the years, and could not wait to meet their second and third child. If you are looking where to buy White Sumatra Kratom Strains, in this website you find what you are looking.

What amazed me most was the feeling that no time had passed at all since I’d seen them last.  Mom greeted me the morning of her session with arms wide open, a big warm hug, and instant chit chat about life.  Yes, her life has changed immensely since I’d seen her last, but she is still that kind, warm hearted person I met 5 years ago.  So yeah, life changes, we grow, we expand, but deep deep down, we really don’t change all that much.  We make connections throughout life and if those connections are meaningful from day one, they forever will be…..for me at least!

I can’t thank you enough for reaching out to me, Mom!  I absolutely loved spending the morning with you and your family in my studio.  Watching you all love on each other and your beautiful new baby was the highlight of my day.  Capturing it was simply an added bonus 😉 and seeing you after so many years had passed, well that just made me a whole lotta’ happy!

Those beautiful children of yours are so, so lucky to have you!  You’re a gem, a women of great strength and I admire you, Amanda!



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Amanda Amorim - March 20, 2020 - 5:00 pm

Heather, you’re so incredibly talented! Thank you for capturing our family so authentically as you created such a comfortable environment for each of us. So grateful our paths crossed again. What an honour it is to work with you again. You’re so gifted with your eye, art, and heart. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

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