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Becoming a parent can truly transform how you see the world, no matter if you have a boy or a girl!  We birth our babies, we raise our babies, we teach them to be kind, caring, loving human beings and we do it all with the love in our own hearts and the lessons that we were raised on.

Being a boy Mom though, that takes a certain type of women.  One that is adventurous and energetic and doesn’t mind getting dirty from time to time.  Who am I kidding, having boys means that your dirty all the time, even after showering!  Because you see, boys are very busy little people, they like to jump off things, slide down things, climb up things and roll and tackle and leap and run, ALL THE TIME.  But guess what, boys are also incredibly compassionate, loving, affectionate little creatures.  When they get a bump or a bruise it’s usually Mom that they turn to.  When it’s time for bed and they want a snuggle, it’s typically Mom that they reach for.  And while yes, Dad’s also play a huge role in raising their boys, they also have a leg up because they’ve been there, they’ve done that, and they are on the same wave length.

This Mom always felt that she would be the Mom of all boys.  It was destined, written out in the stars and now it’s all very real.  Surrounded by boys she is one very happy Mamma!  I mean really, how could she not be with these three incredibly sweet boys!  The tenderness that she has taught them is so very evident in the way they interact with their new baby brother, and while my heart felt like it was going to burst from all the brotherly love in the studio last week, I can only imagine how her heart feels on a daily basis being surrounded by all these beautiful boys!

May the journey of being a boy Mom be a brilliant one, Ashley!



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