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Yup, that’s right, kids rule!  Meaning that they are totally awesome and so much fun to be around!  Also meaning, they make all the rules and us parents simply follow suit.  HA, ain’t that the truth!!!  It was for me at least when my children were younger.

While most of us don’t really want to admit it, our younger children absolutely rule our lives.  They’re cranky, suddenly, so are we.  They’re happy, oh look at that, a big bright smile on our faces.  It’s human nature, our moods change depending on the moods of those around us, and these little ones, their moods can change on the flip of a dime, literally!!

The important thing is that we adjust, we learn to cope with these toddler mood swings, and we pray, yes we pray, that these mood swings will soon be a thing of the past.

I work mainly with children and see many different personalities within them, and I like to think I’m pretty good at jiving with most of them, but sometimes I simply can’t calm a child.  Unfortunately, that was the case with this adorable young man.  I could not make him happy, none of us could, but in the short amount of time that we did have together, I think we captured some really great images.

And so, even though we had to cut the session short, I’d say our mission was accomplished, and this little guy, he totally rules, in the most awesome of ways of course!!!!



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