Overcast Skies | Hamilton Children Photographer

I love the sun, really I do.  The warmth that it provides, the mood that it puts me in, it’s really a big part of my well being, however, when it comes to my work, the sun is my least favourite element.  How could this be right?  Well, the sun creates awful shadows, it can make for some pretty spotty images, background or foregrounds typically become overexposed depending on the direction your shooting.  All in all, it’s just a messy look.  To be perfectly honest, the only time it’s flattering is when it’s close to the horizon and as we all know, in the spring and summer months, that’s much later in the day which can be difficult for some families and their young children.

The overcast skies on the other hand, wow, just incredible for photography.  It’s as though the sky is one big giant softbox.  The shadows become flattering, the mood of my images are elevated, I can shoot in almost any direction and love the way the light falls.  No overexposing, unless I’ve completely forgotten how to control my camera 😉 and basically just no bad location to be in.

The clouds rolled over right in time for this session, and as you can see, the images are moody, multi directional, and just gorgeous!  That’s okay right, to think my work is gorgeous?!?!?

Anyways, enough of me blathering on about the sun vs. overcast skies.  These images are the perfect example of what I’m saying.  All that was needed to enhance the images was these two sweet, playful, cuddle loving boys, and we have a session that I absolutely adore!  I hope you do too ‘Mom and Dad’!!



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