Fall | Oakville Family Photographer

Fall is in full swing here in Ontario and it is STUNNING!!!  Early in the season I was so curious to see what was in store for us, as Fall came in rather quickly, and then it left just as fast.  My conclusion….I hope this happens every year!!!

I have never seen the leaves so vibrant, and the fact that there’s still a lot of greenery hanging around and it’s almost November, crazy!!

This Mom had two requests when she contacted me for a session…..

  1. She wanted her family to be photographed in a candid manor
  2. She wanted the Fall foliage to be visible

And you may not know this about me but, I aim to please 😉

I hope you love how I documented these particular elements Mom and Dad!  And I also hope that you will cherish these images just as much as you do those darling girls of yours!!

It was an absolute pleasure to meet and photograph the four of you!  I’m left with a huge soft spot for those sweet girls of yours!!



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Click | Burlington Children Photographer

You know when you meet new people and you click right away?  Well, that’s what I experienced with these boys are their lovely Mom!  It was a rather instant connection on my part.  And one that only grew throughout our time together.

We had so much fun during our session.  These boys were an absolute blast to discover with and they shared their sweet personalities so openly with me.

The combination of great company, warm weather, and gorgeous scenery, it was a match made in heaven I tell ya!

What an absolute pleasure it was for me to meet and photograph you and your boys.  I totally enjoyed discovering this beautiful location, and couldn’t have asked for better company in doing so!  Your boys have touched my heart (as I’m sure they do many others) and as a result these images will always bring me fond memories!!  I hope they do the same for you as well Mom!



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Genetics | Mississauga Children & Family Photographer

The variation of inherited characteristics among this beautiful family are so interesting to me!!  How do two blondish haired parents have a red haired child?  Yes, I know it’s in the genes and could trace far back throughout either of Mom or Dad’s families, but still, knowing all this doesn’t make it any less fascinating for me.

I’m so totally amazed, and I wonder if this darling baby girl knows how very lucky she is?!?  At this young age, likely not, but man oh man, she is rare and oh so stunning!

And that handsome young man, he seems to be totally smitten with her, but really, how could you not be 😉

I just adore your family, so so much!  I’m thrilled to be given the pleasure of seeing your gorgeous children grow over the years, and can not thank you enough for allowing me to document such growth.

I hope you love your peek!!



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Glow | Toronto Maternity Photographer

Do you see it….that maternal glow.  It is totally radiating from this expectant Mom!  Not only does she have that glow but she also exudes happiness and excitement, and has a very intense sense of calm about her.

It was the first time I had met these two, and from our short time together, I can tell you with 100% certainty that they are going to be incredibly loving parents!  It was in the simple interactions that this was evident.  The way she would ask her husband from time to time throughout the session if he was okay, and the way he made sure that she was comfortable at all times, my goodness, talk about sweethearts!

I very much enjoyed meeting the two of you, and documenting this super exciting time in your lives.  May you continue to carry that motherly glow with you throughout the rest of your pregnancy and long throughout the years to come!

Thank you for choosing to work with me!  I hope you love your session peek!!



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Marisa Dodgson - October 27, 2017 - 2:47 am


Franca Dodgson - October 16, 2017 - 6:08 pm

Love your pictures, you both look so happy !

Diana Meo - October 16, 2017 - 5:06 pm

Stunning photos! You both look fabulous!

Kristie Pagniello - October 15, 2017 - 3:43 pm

These are exquisite!

Arden Dwyer - October 15, 2017 - 12:32 pm

The pictures are beautiful. Ashley and Bryan you look great,

A special day | Burlington Lifestyle Photographer

It was the evening of his 40th Birthday and his family decided that the perfect gift for him would be simply having his special day documented.  What a fabulous idea right!!  No material gift can ever measure up to time spent with family, and having that time captured will forever remind Dad of his 40th birthday, surrounded by the ones he loves and who love him most!

I am absolutely honoured that you reached out to me to work with you on such a special occasion.  To take part in giving your husband, what I believe is the most thoughtful gift, on such a special milestone for him, absolutely touched me to my very core.  I’m sure this thoughtful gift did just the same for him as well.

I loved every moment of this evening ~ from playing outside, to the blowing of the birthday candles, and up to bed for the littles, it was a very real day in the life with this beautiful family.  The playfulness that the four of you share is incredibly heartwarming, and I’m very thankful that you welcomed me into your home to capture your love for one another.

A very special day, for a very special family, forever documented!



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