Nerves | Hamilton Family Photographer

Isn’t it crazy that after 12 years in this business I still get nervous before a session. Not nervous in a way that I think, oh goodness, am I capable of doing this, but more in a way that’s directed at my personality. Such as, will they be comfortable around me, will they open up and interact in front of me as they would old friends? Will the kids enjoy my humour? Honestly, questions that I couldn’t possibly ever know the answer to, unless I put myself out there and simply be me.

So that’s what I do. I give my head a good shake, sometimes it takes a mental kick in the arse, and I jump in with both feet. And guess what, it always seems to work out just fine. We find something in common or we just slowly fall into a comfort zone of sorts, and together we capture sincere expressions, moments, and even portraits.

With this beautiful family it was a pretty immediate sense of comfort for me. The four of you made me feel at ease, almost instantly! I very much enjoyed working with you and capturing your family dynamic. Thank you for the laughs we shared and the ease in which you allowed me to photograph you. I hope you enjoy not only the images that we created together, but also the experience of having your family photographed!

Enjoy your peek!



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Gayle Dick - November 10, 2020 - 5:32 am

Beautiful family and beautiful photos. The photographer did a lovely job of placement and content. They are exceptional. Ummm, when do I get mine?

Melanie Bruce - November 3, 2020 - 5:01 pm

These photos are beautiful and I love the variety of poses used for a beautiful family! Well done!!!

Susan - November 2, 2020 - 8:56 pm

Absolutely gorgeous photos!!!!

Vibrant | Hamilton Family Photographer

Not only is this season a vibrant one, but so is this family! Vibrant in spirit and personality, they are! We always have so much fun when we work together! Well, I do at least, I shouldn’t speak for them! But, by the looks on their faces, I’d say they had a pretty great time as well.

They have a certain comfort level with me which allows me a peek into the bond that they share. They show me raw, uninhibited emotion. Sure, that may sound like an easy thing to do, however, it’s really not when you have a camera all up in your face.

It makes me so happy, to know that I can allow someone to feel a sense of ease around me. This, in term, results in intimate family images. Ones that show your family for who you really are! Gosh, I just love that about you guys!

Thank you for being so open with me, in both your words and your actions. Our time together always leaves me with a massive smile on my face! I’m looking so forward to having a coffee with you Mom and having some time to just sit, chat, and get to know each other on a deeper level.

I’m so blessed, a perk of the job some may say, to be able to create friendships with my lovely clients. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you not only appreciate my work, but also me, as a person!

You guys are simply the best! I hope you enjoy this peek of your incredibly loving family dynamic, documented for always!



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Candid Family Photography | Burlington Family Photographer

Capturing families in a candid manner is something I strive for during every family session. This family made that element super fun for me as they interacted with each other in the sweetest of ways! Giggling over baby boy’s facial expressions, picking up vibrant leaves, and simply snuggling together in the overgrown areas of the field. I could literally have photographed them for days on end, and while I may have overshot this playful family, it’s resulting in the sweetest of gallery’s and one that brings a permanent smile to my face.

Gosh, I don’t even know how to express just how much I enjoyed our time together. I hope these images will do a little speaking for themselves.

Thank you Mom and Dad, for being so patient and playful with your gorgeous children! I hope you love this little peek of the sweetness that we captured during this beautiful Fall evening.



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To the brim | Oakville Family Photographer

This kid fills me to the absolute brim with happiness every time I see him! I cried at least twice during their session, from laughter, and the best part is, he’s not even trying to make me laugh, he’s just being his usual charismatic self. And the energy that comes from him, it’s so contagious!! Mom and Dad, I honestly don’t know how you keep up with this awesome kid of yours, but whatever you’re doing, just keep doing it!! He’s so wonderful to be around, as are the two of you! I just look so forward to seeing the three of you every year, knowing that I’m in for a good time and a boatload of joy!

I have absolutely loved watching him grow and change over the years, seeing his personality develop more and more each time, and documenting the joy that he brings to your life. It’s evident in every single session that we’ve done together, the smiles on your faces say it all!

I hope you love this peek of your session and all the love and laughter that we captured on this gorgeous Fall evening.



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Baby Led Newborn Photography | Burlington Newborn Photographer

Baby led the way for the majority of this beautiful session. What an absolute delight it was to watch her stretch her body in many different shapes and forms, and simply just let the sleep come over her and allow her body to melt into the cutest of cozy poses.

It’s a different approach to my newborn photography, and one that came about for a variety of different reasons. The main reason I’m slowly making the switch to baby led posing is to allow more of a hands off approach. While I still love to pose a baby, and will continue to do so in smaller ways, it simply makes more sense to keep a little more distance between myself and my tiny little clients when possible. And plus also, what baby doesn’t want to be snuggled in their Mom and Dad’s arms while they snooze. It’s literally the most comfortable place for them to be!

With this new direction in mind, I added a selection of beautiful dresses for Mom to choose from for her newborn session. These dresses are meant to add texture and compliment the outfit that your baby will be wearing during the snuggle portion of your session.

Exciting changes, and ones that I hope my clients will love!

Mom and Dad, I hope you enjoy these images of your darling baby girl in her early days of life! Our morning together resulted in a feeling of contentment for me, in a big way. It was a pleasure to have the two of you in the studio again, along with your gorgeous new addition!!



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