Delayed | Hamilton Baby Photographer

This handsome little fella was suppose to be in the studio back in March for his complimentary 6-9 month session, but the world had other plans for us.  It was one week before his session and we were mandated by the government to close our businesses.  At the time I was devastated, thinking what do you mean close my business?  How will I make any money to support my family and put food on the table.  It was a scary time, no doubt, but one that I never felt alone in.

My clients were so incredibly patient and understanding and simply waited for me to reach out to them when I felt comfortable to open my doors again.  It was a long wait, especially when we’re considering the baby phase.  Three whole months until I was able to welcome this babe into the studio.  He was well past the 6-9 month time frame by then, and I ended up photographing him a few days before his first birthday.

Regardless of the date, time, his age, etc I was simply thrilled that I was able to document his growth.  Being the third of three boys, and having photographed each of them at both newborn and 6-9 months, there’s no way I was going to let his milestone pass up without images.

In the end, what I learned for this entire experience is that the universe will always throw us curve balls, some more extreme then others, but being on the other side of it now, I know there is always a light and positive people waiting on the other end!



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Candid Interactions | Etobicoke Family Photographer

Candid family photography is what I’m all about capturing. There is magic in childhood, yet there is also magic in parenthood. I set out to capture all that magic each and every time I work with a family.

It can be hard for some people to completely relax in front of the camera, believe me I get it, I’m one of those people, but I can’t stress just how much of an impact it will make in your images if you simply let all your inhibitions go and enjoy the company of your family.  Kiss each other, snuggle each other, play with each other.  It doesn’t matter whether your looking at the camera or not, I will always, always, always capture plenty of images that allow everyone’s face to be visible, but believe me when I tell you, those aren’t the ones that will bring you back the fond memories when you revisit these images years from now.  That, I can guarantee you!

This playful family has the candid element down pat!  Wouldn’t you agree!?!?!  I just adore that handsome little boy of theirs and get super excited every time they book a session with me!

This particular session was booked initially to document their darling boy’s 2nd Birthday, and while we did just that, we also documented the fact that he is soon going to be a big brother.  My eyes filled with tears when Mom and Dad shared their incredible news with me.  I know, I know, come on now, tears?  But seriously, it was such wonderful news, and after all this family has been through, the emotions just came out of me.

I already adore this boy of theirs so, so much, and now I’m left with all this excitement over meeting their new addition when the time comes!

Until then, kick back, relax, and enjoy this super fun family session!



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Negative space & Neutral tones | Burlington Newborn Photographer

These two elements, negative space and neutral tones, are something that you can expect from every newborn session I photograph.

One of the best decisions I’ve made for my newborn photography was to stick with neutral tones.  This choice has allowed me to stay consistent with my work, it suits every skin tone imaginable, and I don’t have a overwhelming wardrobe and prop collection to sort through before and after every session.  Not only that, but I feel it helps to keep the focus on the baby’s beauty alone.

I want my clients to look back on their newborn images throughout the years and remember what their baby looked like at such a ripe age.  I don’t want them focused on distracting elements, or have them regret a colour choice that they made because they thought, at that time, it would be cute.  These neutral tones certainly help with that!  No regrets, no awful colour casts on baby’s skin, and a focus on the most important element of the photo…..your baby!

I’ve never had a single complaint, and although I do get asked “Do you have anything blue for boys or something pink for my little girl?” the answer will always remain the same, nope!  You can either love it or hate it, but the beauty is, there are plenty of newborn photographers around to select the style that suits you best!

I was thrilled that my style was well suited to this family.  Having the pleasure of meeting and photographing their beautiful baby girl was amazing!  Mom and Dad loved the neutral tones and negative space, not to mention the close up detailed images, and if you do too, you should call me 😉



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Million Dollar Family | Brantford Newborn Photographer

Have you heard the phrase ‘million dollar family’ before?  Do you know what it means?  Well I do, and I’m here to tell you all about it.

A million dollar family consists of a Mom and Dad, a boy, and a girl.  Basically, the perfect ratio of males to females.  Now the reason they call it the million dollar family, is not because you’ve hit the gene pool jackpot and created one of each sex, but rather means your family is now going to cost you a million dollars to raise.  Ha ha ha!  It’s no joke though, seriously!

I’m one of those ‘million dollar families’ and when I first heard the term I felt accomplished, like yes, we’ve done it, we’ve created a million dollar family!  But, when I heard the real reason behind the name, my palm went directly to my face.  And let me tell you, over the years of trying to keep my older son’s clothes to pass along to his little sister, well it just doesn’t work, and slowly but surely, my sweet little family is costing me a million bucks, ha!

I couldn’t resist the phrase when Mom told me they had added a baby boy to their family.  It just slips right off the tongue and makes people smile.  And although the meaning may be very different from what you initially assume, let’s just continue to live in that bubble that makes us feel proud and accomplished, because every time I say it, that’s exactly what I mean.

You certainly did hit the jackpot with these two Mom and Dad!  Your children are so lovely to be around.  They made my job feel like a day at the park, and for that, I thank YOU!!



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Happiness | Milton Family Photographer

This career of mine is one of the happiest career’s I could have chosen!  Watching families grow, adding new members, documenting beautiful babies, I’m literally surrounded by happiness.

From the initial inquiry which usually goes something like this…..we’ve just had a new baby and would love for you to photograph them, to the actual meeting, snuggling, and photographing of the baby, to the editing stage, where I sit with the goofiest smile on my face, and finally, the delivery of beautiful printed product and the reaction of my clients.  Each stage brings me so much joy!  Pretty amazing right!

This daily dose of happiness would not be possible if it weren’t for my lovely, loyal clients.  I’m amazed at all the love and support I’ve received after all this covid madness.  My clients were genuinely worried for me and showed their support by using my services, bringing so much happiness back into my life after what felt like a very long period of uncertainty.

I honestly can not thank them enough!  I’m finding ways to give back, to support others that faced financial hardships, and to simply spread love and happiness to others as my clients have done for me.  We’re all on this earth together, trying to find our way, and I can say with the utmost certainty that kindness goes a very, very, very long way!

To everyone that reads this, may your day, week, month, year be filled with so much happiness that you feel like you’re going to explode with delight!  And because I wouldn’t dare write a post without an image, or 10, here’s a family that has brought me loads of happiness over the past decade, or more.



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