Sleeping Beauty | Burlington Newborn Photographer

She’s a beauty alright!  One that certainly loves her sleep too!! She slept, almost entirely, through her session and offered us a ton of variety.  What an absolute dream she was to photograph!!

Not only was it nice having her in the studio, but also having the familiar sounds of the Spanish language made me feel right at home.

I absolutely adored working with this sweet family, and while we have plenty of images of the entire family, I thought it might be nice to showcase their newest addition on their first blog peek.  Family images will be shared via our Instagram feed later this week.  You can find us here:  @fromtheheartimagery

I hope you love the peek ‘Mom and Dad’.  I look so forward to sharing your entire gallery with you!



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Natural | Burlington Newborn Photographer

The natural beauty of this babe is so striking!  She has the prettiest feminine features, the most darling highlighted hair, and the sweetest of newborn dimples.  To say I was smitten with her, well that just might be the understatement of the century!!

I worry for you Mom and Dad ~ having two girls with as much beauty as yours……your definitely in for a whole slew of boys knocking down your door in the years to come 😉

May your precious new addition add much joy and happiness to your lives.  I hope to have the great pleasure of documenting her growth over the years, much like we have your eldest.

Congratulations again on her long awaited arrival!



Newborn Photography by From the Heart ImageryBaby photos by Heather Clemente of From the Heart ImageryNewborn Photographer in Burlington, OntarioNewborn Photography Heather Clemente of From the Heart ImageryNewborn Photographer From the Heart Imagery in Burlington, ON

Sisterly Bond | Burlington Newborn Photographer

The sense of joy that flows through me when older siblings are excited to hold their new baby’s is amazing!!  I can not even imagine what it does to the parents.  I’m sure there’s a whole slew of different feelings going on inside of them.  To see their first born, the one that taught them how to be a parent, now holding tightly to their second born, I mean really, it’s an incredibly emotional time, even for me.

This big Sis loved to hold her precious baby sister.  I mean LOVED!!  She was excited, she held her tight, she knew of the fragile life within her hands.  This moment got me thinking about all of the incredible little people in this world with hearts of gold, just like hers ~ hearts filled with love and compassion, humour and sensitivity, it makes me feel a little more content about the world our children are growing up in.

Okay, okay, I’ve gone a little off topic about this little beauties session, although, that’s nothing new right 😉

I loved having all of you ladies, big and small, in my studio.  It was so lovely to see all of you again, to meet your newest addition, and to witness this sisterly bond that has already started to flourish.  May they continue to grow closer to each other, just as you and your sister have!



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Nerves | Georgetown Family Photographer

Why is it that when I work with close friends and family I get super nervous before the session?  I was seriously a ball of nerves headed into this session, and for no good reason.  These three are like family to me, actually their not ‘like’ family at all, they ARE family!

I could become really mushy right here trying to describe how I feel about this beautiful women.  She became that Motherly figure for me when my Mother passed on.  She’s like a grandmother to my children.  She is a friend that has touched my heart very deeply.  I absolutely love and adore this women for more reasons that I can count.  She is one of my favourite people in this world and I cherish her friendship so very, very much.  Okay, tears are filling my eyes, I should stop right there.

I hope my nerves don’t show in these images, I hope all that you see is the beauty of these three very special people!

With much love,



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Melissa - June 20, 2017 - 1:49 am

The most beautiful soul, filled with kindness and her beautiful boys who are just as lovely as she

Creamy | Etobicoke Newborn Photographer

Those creamy off white tones, they paired so nicely with her creamy skin!  Add in that little pop of wood and we have the perfect combination for a dreamy newborn session.

What a treat it was to photograph this little beauty!!  She very much enjoyed being curled up into these sweet newborn poses, and when she wasn’t perfectly cozy, she let us know 😉

I loved having her in the studio!  She brought with her this aura of calmness that filled the room and made me want to curl up right beside her and take a nap.  An absolute dream to work with, in deed!!

Congratulations Mom and Grandma, on the perfect addition to your incredibly sweet family!!



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