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Working with babies requires a big dose of patience.  It’s not the type of session that you can plan on completing in a certain amount of time.  Every baby is different and some require more time then others to feed, settle, and so on.  Not only that but once the baby is settled there’s still the art of getting them into a prop comfortably and in such a way that is pleasing to the eye, so as not to look flat or squished.

It’s not only the session itself that requires patience, it’s also the editing.  Keeping a flow throughout the images is key and can sometimes be more time consuming than expected.  Sometimes I find myself going through a session once I feel it’s completed and noticing minor details that must be fixed and re-editing images from scratch.

Basically, patience is key when working with babies, from start to finish.

It’s not only the patience of the job that I wanted to discuss though, it’s also the patience of the parents.  You can imagine how anxious they must be to see the images once the session is completed.  I know I would be!!

This beautiful baby’s Mom in particular has been so incredibly patient with me.  Her session took place 2 weeks ago, and within that time I’ve only been able to share a couple of images with her as I’ve been away on vacation.  Not once did she ask for me to hurry up, not once did she ask when her images would be ready, not one single push to get a move on, and for that, I thank you so very much Mom!  Your patience is so very much appreciated and I’m super thrilled to be sharing your peek with you today!

Your baby girl was an absolute joy to work with, and I very much enjoyed having your company in the studio as well.  From the moment you walked through the door I knew we were a good fit, because two patient people combined makes for one very successful newborn session!

I hope you love the images so far and I can not wait to share your full gallery with you soon!  Again, thank you so much for your patience!



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