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There are many things that we plan in life, but the gender of your child is something that is out of your control.  So when I realized that these sisters had boys only months apart, and then a few years later had girls only months apart, I was so shocked.  How crazy cool is that!!!!!  I mean really, just stop for a moment and think of all the reasons that make this so cool…..they entered motherhood only months apart from each other, they’re able to raise their children together, the kids will likely be into the same sort of activities around the same time, and the awesome fact that the kids are super close in age to their cousins, I mean ah-mazing!

I have cousins that are close in age to me and growing up with them by my side was incredible.  The memories from my childhood are the stem of who I am!  A solid foundation with family members that are close in age will only be a bonus for these kids.

The more I’m writing about it, the more I realize that I’m actually kinda jealous of these sisters.  How I would have loved to experience motherhood at the same time as my sister.  I can just imagine how much the two of you have bonded and been able to help and support each other at such a huge milestone in your lives.  It’s just so amazing the way things have worked out for you both.  My jealousy comes from a place of total admiration by the way.

May your journey’s of motherhood continue to be a close one, one that brings you together to have you photos taken and your families documented for years to come!  I hope you love your peek ladies!



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