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Expressions of a 9 month old | Burlington Baby Photographer

The best part of a 6-9 month session is the amazing smiles and facial expressions that these babes offer up.  This boy certainly did not disappoint in that area.  He’s so full of happiness and it shows in that super smiley face of his.  He loved to stare right down the centre of the lens and […]

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Tones | Milton Newborn Photographer

My first step in preparing for a newborn session is selecting the colour tones I want to work with.  This can be incredibly time consuming, and sometimes takes 2-3 hours to fully prepare all props.  For me, it’s time very well spent, as the cohesive flow of tones throughout a session is so important to […]

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Pure Love | Burlington Newborn Photographer

This beautiful boy, 10lbs of pure love he is!  Although, you really wouldn’t know it while holding him.  He still felt so small and cuddly in my arms.  The only time his size was evident to me, was when he curled up into a position with his knees tucked in, ohhhhh the adorable back rolls […]

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Delicate | Ancaster Newborn Photographer

The connection between these sisters had me with hearts in my eyes!  Big sister loved to hold her baby, snuggle her close, and adorn her sweet little face with many, many kisses!!  It certainly was very heart warming to watch this encounter between them! And baby sister, would you look at her delicate features…..holy sweetness overload!!! […]

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Time In Between | Burlington Newborn Photography

It had been quite a few years since I’d seen this darling boy’s Mom.  We tend to get so wrapped up in our everyday, life simply gets busy, time passes, and before you know it, it’s been years…..sadly! So, as you can image, we had a lot of catching up to do on all that […]

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