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Candid Family | Kitchener Family Photographer

Every time I’ve worked with this family it’s been in a very candid manner.  From in home lifestyle sessions where we jumped on the beds and sat on the counter tops eating cake, to outdoor playful sessions, were we made bullrushes explode and ran up and down the bridge.  No matter what we’re doing we […]

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Sisters | Oakville Family Photographer

There are many things that we plan in life, but the gender of your child is something that is out of your control.  So when I realized that these sisters had boys only months apart, and then a few years later had girls only months apart, I was so shocked.  How crazy cool is that!!!!! […]

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Control | Burlington Family Photographer

Sometimes at the start of a session I chant this phrase over and over in my head ~ I have control of the session, I have control of the session, I have control of the session, makes me sound like a little bit of a nut doesn’t it, but it’s true, I have control over […]

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