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Amongst the Blossoms | Burlington Baby Photographer

How lucky it is to be born in the Spring!  When the air becomes warm and all the beautiful trees and flowers are in bloom.  It not only looks so pretty but it also lifts our spirits and brings out much happiness in us ~ well it does for me at least 😉 This little lady […]

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Overcast Skies | Hamilton Children Photographer

I love the sun, really I do.  The warmth that it provides, the mood that it puts me in, it’s really a big part of my well being, however, when it comes to my work, the sun is my least favourite element.  How could this be right?  Well, the sun creates awful shadows, it can […]

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Happiness | Oakville Family Photographer

This little boy is filled to the brim with happiness!!  Actually, it’s more like he’s overflowing with it.  Each and every time I have worked with this family, he has been so incredibly filled with joy and full of energy. He wanted nothing more then to run around and discover this gorgeous garden, and while this […]

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