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Winter Wonderland | Burlington Family Photographer

It was the heaviest snowfall we’ve had this year and we were right in the thick of it for our winter wonderland session.  What a beauty of a scene the falling snow created! You may be thinking….’but snow is wet, how did you stay dry?’  Well, with the help of a friend, we created this […]

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Refreshing | Burlington Family Photographer

Every time I’ve worked with this family, it’s been good ol’ fashioned fun!  No matter if it’s super cold, crazy windy, or even a beautiful sunny day, these 4 always have such a wonderful time together.  The fact that I get to hang out with them, document the silliness and join in on their fun, […]

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Control | Burlington Family Photographer

Sometimes at the start of a session I chant this phrase over and over in my head ~ I have control of the session, I have control of the session, I have control of the session, makes me sound like a little bit of a nut doesn’t it, but it’s true, I have control over […]

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