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Million Dollar Family | Brantford Newborn Photographer

Have you heard the phrase ‘million dollar family’ before?  Do you know what it means?  Well I do, and I’m here to tell you all about it. A million dollar family consists of a Mom and Dad, a boy, and a girl.  Basically, the perfect ratio of males to females.  Now the reason they call […]

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All the feels | Toronto Newborn Photographer

Trying to describe the feelings that I was having during this session is proving rather difficult.  You see, this adorable little guy right here, he belongs to a dear friend of mine that has been in my life since we were teens. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m about a week away […]

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Darling Boy | Burlington Newborn Photographer

Oh baby boy, you sure are a stunner!  Those lashes, those cheeks and those plump lips, I could stare at your beautiful little face forever!!  Also, the fact that you loved to hold your sweet little cheeks within your hands, ohhhhh you made my heart flutter with delight! This darling boy was my last newborn […]

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She makes Three | Burlington Newborn Photographer

This darling girl, the baby of the family, only days old, and already so loved and protected by her big brothers!! These three seriously turned my heart to mush, the way they held her so firmly, snuggled so close, and had so much patience and love for her.  It was so incredibly heart warming to […]

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Flawless | Burlington Newborn Photographer

This little lady is flawless, I mean absolutely flawless.  Her skin is like porcelain, her hair the prettiest shade of red and her features so incredibly appealing.  I was absolutely smitten the moment I laid eyes on her!  I mean really, how could you not be, take a look at this little beauty…. She’s gorgeous […]

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