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6 month sessions | Burlington Baby Photographer

A baby at the ripe age of 6 months is such a joy to capture!  Their facial expressions,  personalities, and their demeanour is all starting to shine through.  I absolutely love documenting children at this young age!! This beautiful baby girl was a treat to have in the studio!  She seemed to enjoy the time she […]

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Photographing Babies | Burlington Baby Photographer

Photographing babies can be really difficult, or it can be oodles of fun, especially when you get a happy, playful babe that enjoys silly noises and a game or two of peek-a-boo. This beautiful little girl was exactly that!  A super happy babe that loved when I made funny noises, and was also very intrigued with my […]

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Simply Baby | Burlington Baby Photographer

I just adore this age, like so so much!  It really is such a great time to capture your baby.  Just before they start crawling, and are still completely amazed with new objects, funny sounds, and even unfamiliar faces. This little doll was full of funny smirks, grins, and full blown smiles and laughter.  She’s […]

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