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Challenge | Milton Children Photographer

Sticks, rocks, pinecones, flowers ~ we found them all!! These two kept me on my toes, running and toddling in complete opposite directions, searching for their newest treasure.  It was a blast no doubt, but I think they kinda defeated me, like seriously, if I got them both in the frame it was a miracle. I […]

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Resemblance | Mississauga Family Photographer

Those little faces are most definitely melt worthy! They very much resemble one another, yet have their own unique differences at the same time.  It started during our session and has continued into the editing phase for me, I can’t help myself but to completely dissect their faces to figure out their similarities and differences, […]

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Let them be little | Georgetown Family Photographer

Let them be little, because they’re only that way for a short while ~ words to live by I tell you! I feel that you, Mom and Dad, share in this belief and I love to see the way you let your beautiful children be little 🙂 No forced smiles, no demanding of their attention, […]

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