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Double Dose | Burlington Lifestyle Photographer

This family has many, many, many celebrations the month of September, so why not have a birthday party for both of their sweet boys on the same day.  Sounds as though it could be a rather difficult task, doesn’t it?  Well, not for this mamma, the mix of her boys interests were perfectly connected!! I’ve never […]

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Siblings | Burlington Children Photographer

Photographing siblings can be one of the more challenging sessions.  Does that seem strange?  Maybe so!  It actually sounds rather straight forward at first, but once you’re there, in the moment, and each child decides to go the complete opposite direction of the other, oh boy, the chase is seriously on at that point. We totally […]

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Long Limbs | Hamilton Newborn Photographer

His arms, his legs, even his toes and fingers, they were all so incredibly long on his small little frame.  No doubt he’s going to be a tall boy! This session was chalked full of extreme emotions, for both me and his lovely parents.  To have the opportunity to chat with parents while I photograph […]

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