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What is it about this age that makes children so stinkin’ cute? In all my years as a newborn and baby photographer, and also as a parent, I still don’t know the answer to this question, but my goodness, six to twelve months, is an incredibly adorable phase!

This beautiful baby was in a serious state of happiness during her complimentary sitter session. Actually, her Mom and Dad tell me that she’s like this all the time, just a small bundle of pure joy! How refreshing right!! She had no idea she was modelling for me, and she allowed that huge, bubbly personality to shine on through. Gosh, if I could wish one thing for children it would be to hold onto that uninhibited mind, that place of total oblivion when you’re not even aware that others have opinions, as you don’t have any yourself at this age. To allow yourself to be completely who you are, with no goal in mind and no pressure to perform. It’s what I call babyhood bliss, and boy do I wish I could find a way to bottle that up and pour it over myself at any given moment.

And so, here’s to the bliss of being a baby! To this beautiful girl, so full of wonder and amazement at all things big and small. May you forever show this incredible personality that you have, darling girl!



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