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Evening Light | Mississauga Family Photographer

I loved this session so much that once I started editing I just couldn’t stop! And for the first time ever, I have a peek and gallery ready for my client on the same day. Exciting stuff I tell ya! It’s not only those beautiful faces that kept me pushing through, it’s also this gorgeous […]

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Candid Family Photography | Burlington Family Photographer

Capturing families in a candid manner is something I strive for during every family session. This family made that element super fun for me as they interacted with each other in the sweetest of ways! Giggling over baby boy’s facial expressions, picking up vibrant leaves, and simply snuggling together in the overgrown areas of the […]

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Expression | Burlington Baby Photographer

This babe has a ton of facial expressions!  At 3 months he’s mastered the scowl of the eyebrow, and boy does he look cute when he pulls this face.  I could just gobble him up! When he arrived he was mighty tired.  After travelling from Calgary he was ready for some much needed sleep, which […]

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Happy Easter | Burlington Children Photographer

The smell of chocolate is in the air………..at my house that is! I just love Easter.  Actually I don’t think there’s one “holiday” that I don’t enjoy.  They’re all so exciting.  It was only recently that I stopped having an easter egg hunt with my sister, I’m serious, maybe only the past 3 years we […]

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