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Growth | Burlington Newborn Photographer

The growth of this family never fails to shock and excite me all at the same time. Every time I receive a message from Mom that they’re expecting another child, it makes my jaw drop, and also lights me up. With three under the age of four, this Mom is my hero! All her babies […]

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Boys, Boys, Boys | Hamilton Children Photographer

I have to admit, I have a super soft spot for boys.  I’m not quite sure why this is, maybe because I have a very sweet boy of my own, or maybe it’s because when I was a child I was a tom-boy, either way, they always seem to make my heart turn to mush. […]

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Simply Baby | Burlington Baby Photographer

I just adore this age, like so so much!  It really is such a great time to capture your baby.  Just before they start crawling, and are still completely amazed with new objects, funny sounds, and even unfamiliar faces. This little doll was full of funny smirks, grins, and full blown smiles and laughter.  She’s […]

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This guy | Hamilton Baby Photographer

This little guy, he’s such a beauty! Those gorgeous big blue eyes, that sweet smile, that beautiful head of blonde locks, his matching eyelashes.  I could really just go on and on all day about how beautiful this little guy is! All looks aside though, I wish this handsome young boy a life full of happiness and […]

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Affection | Hamilton Baby & Children Photographer

These two handsome young boys have so much love & affection for one another!  It is so very heartwarming to watch them interact ~ sharing smiles, hugs, kisses ~ all the things that brothers should be sharing! I simply adored everything about this session, from meeting your youngest for the first time, and seeing how […]

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