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Evening Light | Mississauga Family Photographer

I loved this session so much that once I started editing I just couldn’t stop! And for the first time ever, I have a peek and gallery ready for my client on the same day. Exciting stuff I tell ya! It’s not only those beautiful faces that kept me pushing through, it’s also this gorgeous […]

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Genetics | Mississauga Children & Family Photographer

The variation of inherited characteristics among this beautiful family are so interesting to me!!  How do two blondish haired parents have a red haired child?  Yes, I know it’s in the genes and could trace far back throughout either of Mom or Dad’s families, but still, knowing all this doesn’t make it any less fascinating for me. I’m […]

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Model Material | Burlington Family Photographer

I said this over, and over, and over again during their session, and even still now while I edit……..this little girl should be a model!! Not only does she have the prettiest little face for it, but she’s also got an insanely gorgeous head of hair, the perfect profile, and her personality, my goodness, would […]

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With so much love | Mississauga Newborn & Family Photographer

Three insanely beautiful children, that look like dolls I might add, and two loving parents that are completely smitten with their babes ~ I’d say this family has it all! Your love for one another totally oozes from your pours ~ the way Dad scoops up his children and makes them laugh,  and the way […]

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Light | Mississauga Family Photographer

Ohhhhhhh that light, isn’t it just delicious! There is no warmer, flattering light, then that of a Fall sunset.  Not only does it add warmth to your skin when you find that gorgeous ray but also to the feeling of your image.  Doesn’t this family just appear to be so toasty with that gorgeous glow. […]

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