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Parenthood | Hamilton Family Photographer

There is magic in parenthood! It’s an unseen kind of magic, and one that is sometime’s only visible from the outside. It’s those moments when your children are climbing over you like you’re a human jungle gym, and when your laying beside your child at night, or rocking them back to sleep in the middle […]

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New faces | Burlington Family Photographer

That blog title may have you scratching your head a little, thinking, what in the world is there to say about new faces?  Well, not much actually, but there is the fact that it’s just so nice to meet new people and see some new faces! These clients are new to me, as I am to […]

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Tones | Milton Newborn Photographer

My first step in preparing for a newborn session is selecting the colour tones I want to work with.  This can be incredibly time consuming, and sometimes takes 2-3 hours to fully prepare all props.  For me, it’s time very well spent, as the cohesive flow of tones throughout a session is so important to […]

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Angelic | Burlington Newborn Photographer

This baby girl, she has such a sweet, angelic little face!  From the moment I laid eyes on her, I literally could not take them off.  I’m sure it’s been quite the same for Mom and Dad as well!! What an incredible sleeper this precious girl is!  She arrived asleep, and stayed that way for […]

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Young Minds | Stoney Creek Family Photographer

Ahhhh the minds of young boys ~ you’ve got to love them!  So filled with inquisition and wonder. Those Christmas lights wrapped around the trees where of great excitement to the boys and brought up plenty of questions ~ how do they light up? why are they here? how come some don’t work? and the […]

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